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    Can sound waves be used to treat gallstones?

    Can sound waves be used to treat gallstones like they are used for kidney stones?
    • 1 answer
    • Dr Shekhar Sharma
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    The advice provided here is generic and does not take your particular circumstances into account. Please seek independent advice for your situation. It is a common question along with a question if only stones can be removed. While sound waves can be used to break gall bladder stones, the gall bladder may not expel the stones or small fragments can pass down the ducts to block channels which drain the liver (bile ducts) or pancreas (pancreatic duct) and can cause life threatening complications. Hence it is not a recommended treatment option. Removal of stone alone is also not recommended. In some instances, medications can dissolve stones within gallbladder, but this may take years and often stones form again soon after treatment is stopped.

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