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    What are common neurological symptoms of sjogrens?

    Interested to know whether my recent onset carpal tunnel, sensation of burning skin, scalp tenderness, trigeminal neuralgia & tingling down legs, has a link with sjogrens. I am sero-negative.
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    To my knowledge, backed up by a PubMed search, there are no neurological signs of Sjogren's Syndrome.
    One possible exception is (your phrase) “sensation of burning skin” - what is called “ generalized dryness” is a hallmark sign of Sjogren's Syndrome - this is something that would be worth discussing with your care team.

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    Leanne Wood

    HealthShare Member

    As someone who suffers from CNS Sjogren's (yes, it is an actual affliction) I beg to differ. The neurological symptoms of Sjogren's are many and varied to the point where Sjogren's is considered ‘Mimic MS’. From memory, studies estimate peripheral nervous system involvement to affect about 20% of SS patients and about 2% suffer CNS involvement. Yes, that means it is rare, but it does happen. I am also extra fortunate in that I have bilateral optic neuropathy as a result of autoimmune vasculitis, linked to my SS. Could I actually have MS I hear you ask? Well yes, possibly, except none of my tests (or history of symptoms) indicate that I do and recent immunosuppressent therapy (Methotrexate) seems to be working, which it wouldn't, my Immunologist believes, if this was MS.  The neurological complications of Sjogren's are well documented (I searched "Pubmed Sjogren's Neurological and it came up wth 54400 hits) including this fantastic summary from John Hopkins. This last article acknowledges there is a definite need for more study (and awareness) in this area and I couldn't agree more. Sjogren's Syndrome is much more than dry eyes, skin and mouth.

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    Leanne Wood

    HealthShare Member

    Hoping these links actually work!  

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