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    Why does my knee suddenly collapse especially when standing?

    Damaged ligaments in this knee many years ago… ligaments have loosened?
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    Dr Marco Makari


    Dr. Marco Makari is a chiropractor and a qualified AFL sports trainer who specializes in rehabilitation therapy and musculoskeletal injuries. He graduated from the prestigious … View Profile

    Unfortunately Snoopy, once ligaments are damaged, they are hard to repair and rarely return to what they were before the injury. As i recommend to most of my patients with unstable knees, make sure you keep your hamstrings , quadriceps and calf muscles strong. When the ligaments are weak, the muscles play a huge part in providing your knees with stability. You can also wear a knee brace while exercising. A chiropractor can also recommend some great exercises for you to strengthen your leg muscles and provide your knees with stability. 

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    Massimo Mirabile

    Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist

    My name is Massimo Mirabile and I am a qualified physiotherapist as well as an exercise scientist and accredited exercise physiologist. I completed a Bachelor … View Profile

    It can give way when you have had an injury to the knee, a traumatic injury, it can be a sign or symptom of ligament instability, ligament damage. Usually that is the cause.

    Also, when there is also a lot of muscular atrophy around the knee muscles, when someone is very weak around the core muscles that is what happens as well.

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