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    How do I stop myself from eating when I get home from work at 2.30am?

    My working hours are 5pm or 7pm to 2am in the morning.Always hungry when I get home from work and cannot sleep to around 4am.I then sleep the next day and don't eat till 1 or 2pm that day.Sleeping and eating is all out of order I have gradually been gaining weight.
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    Shift work is extremely difficult – it creates enormous problem with your eating and sleeping patterns as it throws you into irregular patterns. Fatigue is the biggest stimulus for overeating. I am pleased to see that you are getting at least 8 hours sleep every day. You have to adjust your eating pattern to your working hours. When you get home at 2am you should have your dinner – try make it light as you are going straight to bed. Have something like a grilled fish and salad, a soup, or a chicken salad. Exercise is extremely important for your health. When you wake up try and do some exercise and then have the equivalent of breakfast, and then pace your meals as you would on a normal day - depsite your day going through the night. You have to be organised and take the correct food with you to work. This lifestyle requires enormous discipline and organisation as most of the shops are closed at this time of night..

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