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    Can glandular fever effect weight?

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    I had glandular fever 2 years ago and since then have put on approximately 7kg and can not seem to shift it no matter what I do. I loose 1kg then put it back in as soon as I eat anything remotely bad..
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    Yes, it can be more difficult to lose weight after you have had Glandular fever. Glandular fever lowers your immune system. It results in you feeling tired and lethargic. Because you have done no exercise for two years you have probable lost some of your lean body tissue (muscle) which has resulted in your metabolic rate slowing down. You have to be patient. Start exercising daily and increase the intensity as your strength improves. Be aware of your food intake and watch your portion sizes. If you gained 7kg you were probably eating more than your body needed, so you will have to reduce your intake. Make all your food choices nutritious so your body is benefiting from what you are eating. Be patient – as you get stronger and exercise more your weight will start to fall off. You have to keep a positive attitude! Get support from an Accredited Practising Dietitian who can help you in this journey.

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