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    Is it possible to lose weight when I am not over weight?

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    I am 170 sm tall, and 65 kgs. I've tried many different diets to lose weight, but nothing has worked so far. I am looking for a diet that can help me lose 10 kgs of my weight.

    I'll really appreciate if you could give me your advice.
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  • Dr Richard Wong

    Personal Trainer

    Qualified with a B: Human Movement Science and Certificate. I grew up with sport. I competed succesfully at a state and national level as a … View Profile

    It will depend on how much fat you have on your body now. I have trained a figure competitor who was the same height as you and competed on stage at 57kg @ 8% body fat. You may have more muscle mass or less than her. That's why I said it all depends on your condition right now and your goal. You must be remember that you must keep as much muscle mass as possible and just lose fat. To do this you must combine weight training with low to moderate cardio exercise but importantly have a specific nutrition plan. You must eat low GI carbs, high protein and low fat. Your diet is the most crucial thing, and up you must be committed to eating a plan 24/7. Depending on your training background, but you could try this. Walk in the morning before breakfast, with a heart rate of around 115bpm. Weight training in a split fashion of at least 3 times per week. Make sure your reps are high and you rest between sets are no longer than a minute. You must eat every 3 hours without missing a meal. Eat most of your carbs in the morning and lean them off from afternoon to dinner. Make sure to have lowGI CARBS with protein and green veg. Only green veg at night. I hope that helps but a more specific measurement of the body will help and then a specific diet can be worked out. If you want more information, email me at

  • sara1987

    HealthShare Member

    Thanks Richard for all the useful information, they are straight to the point.
    however, as you mentioned I porbably need to get my body measurements done, where is the best place to go? I mean a dietitian or trainer?

  • Melanie McGrice is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian, one of the few dietitians in Australia to achieve that status. Her success has made her an … View Profile

    Yes it's possible - and may or may not be advisable!  Sometimes people who have a healthy BMI, may still have a high percentage of body fat - so if it's high, it can be very beneficial to decrease this.  It would be worth having your body composition analysed.  Feel free to give us a call (1300 438 550) and we can recommend some places where you can have this done.

    If you do need to decrease your body fat there can be a number of different ways to go about doing this….seeing a dietitian for individually-tailored advice would be the best option.  However, you could try keeping a food diary, increasing the amount of exercise that you undertake or reducing the amount of treats that you consume.

    Best wishes,

    Melanie McGrice

  • 1



    HealthShare Member

    Melanie, thanks for answering my question.
    I have started exercise after a long time, but my feeling is that execise will not be enough, which may or may not be true!
    so,yes, I need to find a suitable diet for my body, and I guess a dietitian can help me with that.

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