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    How do I get help for my depression/anxiety and regular thoughts of suicide?

    I have recently seen my GP as I believe that I am suffering from depression/anxiety with regular thoughts of suicide.

    I was asked to fill out some questinaires and told that I could be suffering from the above. I was refered to the Pychologist that works out of the GPs cente and we started some treatments which at best where an joke. The initial consultation was to discuss my symptoms and feelings etc and from there was given music and meditation to try and relive the stress. I was told that I would have to endure his sessions of which five where free and then i would have to pay from there until he saw that I was making no progress and he would refer me to a psychiartrist. It seems that I need to jump through hoops to get some help and I am ready to give it all up. I have a wife and two kids whom I need to support.

    My friends and family believe that I am being silly and just need to suck it up. I know I need help but time is running out. Where do I go from here?
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    I think that you should be very proud of yourself for taking steps to get the help that you deserve.

    As far as your suicidal thoughts are concerned (I have been there, though not recently) if they are ever combined with working out a detailed plan/obtaining the things needed to carry it out then the *only* thing that matters is that you are in a safe place.

    That means go *immediately* to the A&E of your nearest hospital. There will be people there who can help.

    With best wishes for your recovery.

  • Joe Gubbay

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    Depression and anxiety can be treated effectively.  Unfortunately there are hoops to jump through, but it sounds like you've jumped through the hoops.  Now you're trying possible solutions - I wouldn't consider those hoops.  What works for one person might not work for another.  If you don't think your psychologist is helping, then try another approach.  

    Some options:
    - Antidepressants.  Your GP can prescribe antidepressants.  If you're not happy with your current GP, find another one.  If you are satisfied with your GP, explain where you're at and see what your GP suggests.  

    - A psychiatrist.  Expert at finding the right antidepressant / dosage where initial attempts from the GP haven't helped.  Some can also provide effective counselling and support.  

    - Another psychologist.  “Horses for courses” - everyone is different.  I don't know what approach the first psychologist tried, but you can definitely find psychologists that don't use meditation or music if you find that unhelpful.  You're entitled to Medicare rebates for 10 sessions (not 5) a year, with a doctor's referral.

    - Inpatient treatment.  There are public and private hospitals that specialise in treating depression.  Sometimes people need this sort of intensive approach to get a handle on things. And as Kiwi33 has pointed out, get immediate help from your nearest hospital if your suicidal thoughts turn into plans - there are many thousands of people who've reached rock bottom and got effective treatment, and gone on to have happy lives.  

    But don't wait for rock bottom - consider your depression like any problem that you might come across in life.  There are possible solutions, you don't know which will work, but you've only just started to trial the solutions, and you will find one that works for you.  

  • David Lawson


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    Sometimes it does not click when you see a counsellor. I would urge you to find someone else as good therapy cannot happen unless you feel connected to the counsellor. You have taken a big step but unfortunately this step has not taken you forwards. Please look for another counsellor and when you find one you are comfortable with it will make all the difference. Take Care.

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