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    What is the prognosis for bone cancer?

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  • Dr Toni Lindsay

    Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist

    Dr Toni Lindsay is a clinical psychologist whose expertise is working with children, adolescents and adults living with chronic health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, … View Profile

    Hi There,

    I am not a medical doctor, however, I do a lot of work with patients with bone cancer. My advice would be for you that without knowing a specific type of cancer, as well as lots of other factors, its really difficult to predict prognosis. I am assuming that it is you that is the patient, however, if its a person in your world, the advice is pretty similar.

    For most people I see, they are often focused on finding out prognosis, and the best person to ask is your treating oncologist/surgeon. I strongly recommend against Dr Google or other sites for this info, as without specifics you can end up with some really scary stats which may not apply to you at all. Bone cancers are rare, and so general information is usually not too helpful!

    Its scary to ask your doctor, but if its what you want to know, then they will be able to give you some kind of answer. However, given the variability in diseases and how people respond to  treatment, you may find that you will get an answer thats pretty general. Especially if you are recently diagnosed.

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