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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Should I be worried about bowel cancer?

    I am 24 and very fit, I have been travelling non stop for months now and my sleeping pattern, eating times and diet are constantly changing.

    Last 3 months I've started having bowel movement problems. It started with slight constipation and a lot of effort to get small stools out. And over the past month I have been getting to the point where I have to take strong laxatives to get it all out, and then will try and eat healthier to try stop it happening again.

    There is definitely a link with eating a lot of wheat and processed foods before this happens.
    I went to the Dr a month ago and he told me it must be just all the travelling and diet changes I was having and prescribed me Laxiplant (syllium husk) and a high fibre diet.

    After a few days on this i started feeling much better and having up to 3 big movements a day.
    2weeks later, and it's back to getting really blocked up, and doing very unusual stools.
    Im not eating much and feeling bloated a lot.
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  • CC747

    HealthShare Member

    To add to that:
    have a history of bowel cancer in the family. 
    While I am very fit and strong I have smashed the red meat and eat more sugar than anyone I know. 
    Drink excessive amounts of alcohol often.
    Any time I pass a really firm stool its so out of shape. 
    I am currently in china and eating a lot of rice and dimsum a lot of the time. 
    Things are getting worst and worst. 
    Really would like to get a colonoscopy but have to fly back to Australia in a week or two for that.
    I have no pain when going to the toilet. But I few small aches through my lower back.

  • Bowel Cancer Australia is the leading community-funded charity dedicated to prevention, early diagnosis, research, quality treatment and care for everyone affected by bowel cancer. We … View Profile

    Thank you for your question.

    I suggest that on your return to Australia you go to your GP for further follow up.

    Any change in bowel habit such as you are experiencing should be investigated as directed by the Bowel Cancer Australia website - Talk to Your GP.

    I understand that traveling and inconsistent diet may well be contributing to your symptoms, however, with your family history and worsening condition you really should be examined by a doctor and ideally have a colonoscopy.

    For further information, please feel free to contact Bowel Cancer Australia.

    Kind Regards,
    Bowel Cancer Australia Nurse Adviser

    Please Note: The information provided by Bowel Cancer Australia’s Nurse and Nutritionist Advisory Services is intended for Australian residents as a reference guide only.  It is not a substitute for independent professional advice and is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or disorder.
    If you believe your symptoms are consistent with those of bowel cancer or a digestive illness, please consult your doctor.
    Bowel Cancer Australia, its directors, officers or medical professionals shall not be liable to any person, company or any other body for any loss, direct or indirect or consequential on whatsoever account for any omission or negligent misstatement.

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