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    How can I lose weight without exercising?

    I have scoliosis, osteoarthritis in both knees, (one needs a replacement) , planter fasciitis, and sciatica pain also. Currently have bakers cysts in both knees. In the past 5 years, since all these problems came together, I have piled on the weight. During times when I could walk, I did, but still wasn't able to do 10,000 steps a day. If I could just lose some weight I am sure I could do better with the exercise. I work full time in IT and sit all day and I hate taking pain killers.
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    Dr Durgesh Gowda


    The practice is run by an endocrinologist and the manager. The endocrinologist did underwent training and completed fellowship in Queensland. Toowoomba was elected as place … View Profile


    Losing weight should have a strategic plan. Keeping realistic short term goals will be useful. Current view is to lose and maintain around 5kg if you don't have any medical conditions impacting your cardiac/brain health. It should be accomplished in multidisciplinary pattern. It should be done in cycles. Each occassion should be strongly prepared psychologically. Dietary changes, feasible physical activity and anorectic agents are the prongs. 

    Dietary changes may be any pattern of diet that can be followed for atleast few months; may be low carbohydrate/ predominant fat dominated meal alike Atkins/ protein diet alike Mediterranean diet/protein shakes. In case you are having around 2000 calories of meals a day, then you need to reduce your meal by half to lose 1kg in ~ 10 days.

    Attempting to use upper limbs for physical activty eg., lifting weights/punching bags as many times as able, swimming will be useful.You will have to do one hour of physical activity every day for ~ a month/6 weeks to lose 1kg without changing eating habits.Remember that you will start feeling hungry and will start having more calories involuntarily. Behavioural changes are required then.

    Anorectic agents for ~12months can also play a major role.You need to see a specialist for this purpose.

    The last resort is to have weight loss surgery which is gold standard.

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