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    Do I have TMJ or anything else?

    I'm Mireia 30 years old, from Spain and I've been in Sydney since last October. I'm student and I have a OSHC card. I'm really concern about my symptoms and I don't know where to go. Since I came here I wake up every day very tired with pain in my face, neck and shoulders, I hear a sound in the jaw every time I open and sometimes I have headache and dizziness but also I realize that I have difficulty remembering and concentrating with no energy, fatigue and numbness and tingling in my hands, arms and feets. The pain in my hands it's really irritating. I work in a restaurant and sometimes I feel like I do not have strength. I've read about Fibromyalgia and I'm corncerned about that. Please, I need some recomendation and If anyone knows a good specialist. Thanks, Mireia
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  • Brian Lee


    I graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2004 and have worked in various healthcare settings, including primary care, private practice and community health services, … View Profile

    From your description, I would think it may be of stress origin, which causes those discomfort you experience in neck shoulder, head and hand. Noise from your jaw is often a result of other problems, ie bruxism, tension ..etc, rather than a cause of the problem at its own, ie TMJ. Tingling in feet will be a seperate problem. In your case, you can either see a GP or physio first, who can examine your conditions from their own perspective and advise you accordingly.

  • Susan Martinez

    Kinesiologist, Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner

    I'm a holistic counsellor who supports people as they work through their emotional issues. View Profile

    Hola Mireia, Como Te encuentras?  I agree with Brian in thinking there seems to be a stress issue here.  But, it would be best to go to a GP to eliminate more serious causes of your symptoms.  If everything started around the same time, and after arriving in Sydney then it is possible you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or worried about your time here and/or your studies.   Have you had glandular fever in the past?

    With all the symptoms you have you really would benefit from having a proper consult with a GP. The longer you leave it the more anxious you will become and that could exacerbate things.

    i am unable to recommend a specialist but a good doctor can do that.

    take care.

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