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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Is there anything I can do now within my 30s to help me keep good mobility when I am older?

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  • Joanna Baker

    Nutritionist, Registered Nurse

    Everyday Nutrition founder Joanna Baker has been working in healthcare for 2o years. As an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and a Registered Nurse, she has seen … View Profile

    Eating well and getting some exercise is primarily what will give you the best chance of ageing well. That means getting the recommended serves of fruit, veg, protein, carbs and dairy. Older people are often limited by bone strength so making sure you get sufficient calcium serves (your dr or a dietitian can advise you on this) and a bit of Vit D each day can help preserve bone strength.

    In regards to exercise getting out and about regularly will help keep your heart, body, mind and bones in good condition and prepare oyu well for aging. That means elevating your heart rate for 30 minutes most days per week. A mixture of strength, cardio and stretching is good and keeps it a bit more interesting than doing the same thing day in day out.

    Good luck, as I heard a PT say “this is why we do it”

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    Cameron Phillips

    Exercise Physiologist

    Exercise Physiologist, Echuca, Deniliquin, Kyabram. Strength and Balance, Prevention of T2 Diabetes, CVD. Strength and ConditioningFarmer, chemical free Biodynamic (enhanced organic) pomegranates, pasture raised beef … View Profile

    There are loads of options in your 30's for preparing you for an excellent lifestyle in later life.

    I believe we should all make an ongoing study of nutrition to keep us in the best possible shape for strength and mobility and recovery for after exercise.

    In terms of exercise:

    • Join a sporting group to get some outdoors fun, social activity and Vit D from the sun
    • Learn to stretch and strengthen muscles, search for pilates classes, yoga classes, strength and conditioning coaches who can teach you how to take care of your body. Many of the above coaches or teachers will already be exercise physiologists or physiotherapists.
    • Stretch and perform mobility exercises daily (see above)
    • Find one or two exercises / sports that you enjoy which will make it easier for you to maintain consistency throughout all of lifes ups and downs
    • Treat yourself to massage therapy and ask lots of questions of your practitioner (sports massage therapist, Oteo, Chiro, Physio) and learn as many techniques as you can to avoid injury and stay in peak physical condition

  • Dr Will Pascoe

    HealthShare Member

    One aspect of elder mobility that is often forgotten is the connection between mind and body. The connection is well established between stress, grudges, and negative attitudes and a decrease in joint and muscle effectiveness. Beginning now to develop a positive, realistic outlook and a positive attitude to all that life hands you will much more easily spill over into a joyful and probably healthier old age. Of course a healthy low-meat (or vegetarian) diet, no smoking, sufficient rest, and some regular exercise from now on will all improve your chances of a healthy and mobile old age. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi gong are all great for maintaining physical flexibility and healthy attitudes. However the best effects from these positive lifestyle factors will be gained when one is internally peaceful and positive.

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    Dr Adam Arnold

    Chiropractor, Hypnotherapist

    I specialize in working with the nervous system to ensure your body is working well. This includes but is not limited to musculoskeletal care. I … View Profile

    Adding to the above practitioners, I find that mobility is often reduced to “stablize” the surrounding area.  So is important as well as having a strong nervous system.  Have a look at you tube and search for quantum neurology and muscle lengthening and quantum neurology and frozen shoulder.  The videos demonstrate incredible gains in range of motion.  This is done only because first the nervous system and surrounding musculater were strong enough to allow the body to become more mobile.  On the quantum neurology website you can find a local practitioner if you choose to have this type of treatment in addition to all the comments above about exercise, diet and a healthy mind.

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