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    I have a bulging disc at L5 & S1. Which practitioner should I see next

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    I have suffered with sciatica at varying degrees over the last 11 years, with now being most severe. I have also had bowel problems over the past couple of weeks that I think may be related. Which practitioner should I see next?
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    Joel Laing


    I am a McKenzie Method specialised physiotherapist, with a Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy. Using the McKenzie Method I predominantly treat low back and … View Profile

    I am sure that whether it is a chiropractor, osteo, physiotherapist or other allied health practitioner we will all tell you we treat back pain and sciatica and that our method is the best which makes it difficult to know who to see!

    I am a McKenzie Method physiotherapist and the vast majority of patients I see have back pain and sciatica, many of them having chronic histories like yours.

    One of the benefits of the McKenzie method that sets us apart from these other practitioners including traditional physiotherapy, is that you learn to relieve your own symtpoms and self-manage your pain. The vast majority of practitioners will apply some kind of "manual therapy to you" which means you are reliant on the practitioner and often go for endless visits.

    With the McKenzie Method (also known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy or MDT) approach some of the benefits are:

    • You can rapidly determine if you will be a "responder" and get instant relief within 1-3 sessions, and most often in the first session
    • On average we see people 3-5 x which is significantly less than most practitioners, mainly as you are taught to ease your own pain and the focus in on self-management
    • You save time and money and can quickly identify whether or not we can help you
    • Research shown that around 70-80% of patients respond to the McKenzie Method, and even in chronic pain sufferers like yourself, around 50% will show a direciton of movement that gives rapid relief (it just may be weeks rather than days, although many do respond within the session or over 48 hours even in the chronic population)

    There are obviously other types of practitioners that can help you besides those similarly trained to me. It would at least be an option that would provide you with a rapid solution, or prove that it is not going to help you without a lot of time and money being wasted.

    Hope that is of help!


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