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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    What is the best option for pain relief for back pain and sciatica?

    Pain- lower back, buttocks through to my legs.. sore to sit, bend etc.
    Need relief immediately!
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    Clare Singleton


    The best option for you would be to be assessed to determine where your back pain and sciatica are originating from.  It could be locally from your back, or could be caused by tightness in your gluteal muscles.  
    My suggestion would be to find a local physiotherapist to assess your lower back and hip and determine the cause of your pain.  Scans may be necessary at a later stage if initial improvement is not seen within the first 3-4 treatments.

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    Graduated in 1997 from the Uni of Melbourne and have studied extensively the problem shoulder. Also have interests in knee, foot and ankle, and wrist … View Profile

    I would also add - keep moving.  Low back pain responds to walking.  Avoid sitting, bending forwards and resting.  Just try to not aggravate the pain by walking too much.  Heat packs can also provide pain relief.
    But do see a physiotherapist as soon as possible to get a better diagnosis and some more targeted management.

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    Josephine Perry

    Bowen Therapist

    Josephine is a fully qualified Bowen Therapist, with full insurance cover and Association membership. Rebates provided by most health funds, according to levels of cover.Practice … View Profile

    Bowen Therapy can provide gentle non-invasive relief for back pain and sciatica.  Bowen Therapy stimulates muscle relaxation at the body's own pace.  Relief from sciatica can achieved starting from the first treatment.

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    Ali treats people from all walks of life and a variety of complaints. His interests lie in treating and rehabilitating sports injuries, treating headaches and … View Profile

    As mentioned above it is important to determine the cause of your pain and ways to minimise reaggravation. Taking medication alone may be a band aid solution  and not a long term one.

    If there was no reason for the onset of your pain a detailed history/examination by an osteopath may pin point the cause. An osteopath will examine you from top to bottom and determine if poor alignment/posture or muscular imbalance is causing/contributing to your pain.

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