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    How can I relive my daughters eczema?

    Her eczema does not respond to cortizone (1%), Oats or anything with it in it seems to make her itch more. Use Cetaphil (helps when mild), ice packs and moisturise (if she allows), she says nothing takes the itch away.

    Has molluscan contagioum (water warts) on the back of knees as well now which I think itch.

    In remote are of NW so dermatologist only visits every 3 months and awaiting his viewing. Will fly to Perth if needed!
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    The role of the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc (EAA) is to be a supportive body for eczema sufferers and carers, to increase public awareness … View Profile

    For some eczema sufferers, there seems to be no solution to their itch!!
    One tip is that you could try placing a chux cloth in a shallow bowl with a couple of pinches of salt and leaving in the refrigerator - when she has a particularly itchy bit - wrap the squeezed chux around the itchy bit to alleviate the itch.
    Another tip is to store her mosturiser in the refrigerator - then when you moisturise her the cool cream is soothing to the itch.
    Many sufferers need to take antihistamines to help control the itch - ask your GP which one would be suitable for her age.
    Also, for most children it is more effective to distract them when they are itchy rather than telling them not to scratch.
    For more tips and information contact us on 1300 300 182.

  • Dr Alexander Lozynsky

    Allergy Specialist & Immunologist

    Consultant allergist and immunologist, with particular interest in allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, allergic respiratory disorders, food allergies and sensitivity and allergic skin conditions, including atopic … View Profile

    I presume you are trying to relieve your daughter's eczema not “relive” it. As no age is mentioned, I will assume she is a child and not an infant. I would recommend she have skin testing or a blood test for RAST, as well as serum IgE to determine if she has allergy to any specifc inhalant and food antigens. Allergy to house dust mite is relatively common, especialy in warm, temperate regions like Sydney, where about 30% of people are sensitized to dust mite allergen, which is actually present in the faecal excretions of dust mites. 
    As such, environmental measures especailly related to bedding, are an important part of a management program for individuals with chronic atopic dermatitis (eczema). Any form of dermatitis is an inflammatory disorder and therefore measures to reduce exposure of skin to allergens such as dust mites, grass and weed pollens will help reduce the degree of inlammation. Topical coritcosteroid creams and ointments are anti-inflammatory and are important in controlling the persitent itch and scratching which usually disturbs sleep and can lead to irritabilty and behavioural problems in children. Although histamine contributes to itching, other factors are also involved. So, antihistamines, epecially non-sedating antihistamines, are usually not sufficient on their own to stop the itch.
    The immunologic abnormalities associated with atopic eczema tend to predisose to cutaneous viral infectons like molluscum contagiosum and herpes simplex, as well as fungal infections like candida and tinea.

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