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    Do I have eczema or reaction from my medications?

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    I have a rash on my buttocks, on my and in my pelvis area, my underarms and thighs I am not sure if it is eczema or reacton from my medicatons I am taking. I recently saw a gp who didn't look at the rash and just told me to use cortisone cream but it is not clearing what do you recommend I use or who should I see about it.
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    Your rash could be both - sometimes people develop a reaction to their medication which causes eczema especially if they have recently started some new medication. 
    The cortisone cream should clear it up but you may have to change some other products you use as well - soap free wash, sensitive skin shampoo and also apply some hypoallergenic moisturiser.
    It would be best to visit your GP again and go through your list of medications to see if they are reacting and causing the problem or to get a slightly stronger cortisone cream in order to clear the rash up.

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