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    Is it a cluster headache if more severe that usual migraine?

    I am a 47 yo female (hysterectomy and 1 ovary removed approx 15 years ago, blood tests say not menopausal yet). I hadn't had a migraine for about 3 years until nearly 3 weeks ago. Developed a very severe headache, had usual visual aura but pain in head was much more severe and very localised. Around right eye, right forehead and right temple. Vomited first night only but pain remained for 10 days. Nurofen and Aspirin ineffective. Thought it finally disappeared but 2 days ago headache reappeared. Same spot, aura effects appear if I exert e.g. walk too fast. No vomiting this time (slight nausea) but headache is nearly always there. Now had headache for 16 days our of last 19. What should I be doing to finally be rid of it??
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  • Dr Greg Sher


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    The most important aspects to look at with the migraines are to determine a cause (if possible) and a clear diagnosis.
    We would need to determine if the actual headache you are experiancing is from the migraine, or if there is a possible overlay of another type of headache (it quite common to have a headache from irritation of some neck muscles and joints). 

    I would recommend you chat to your GP about it, especially if the headaches are not like any you have ever experianced before, and if they are happy, I would highly recommend you consult with a manual therapist (ie a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or an Osteopath). They should be able to determine if the headache is somehow musculoskeletal in origin (of which most types are). 

    I hope you feel better soon. 

    Best wishes.

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