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    Can neck pain cause migraines?

    I sprained my neck a few years ago and since then I've always had a migraine each year. During the migraines I have throbbing pain in my head, light sensitivity, vision changes, numbness, loss of balance, vomiting, trouble with speaking... I was wondering if the problem with my neck could have caused the migraines?
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  • Brian Lee


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    There are many reasons of what can cause a migrane, and referring from neck is one of them. All the symptoms you listed, except speaking difficulty, are signs of referred pain from neck, but keep in mind, this is not to discard any possibility of different origins. Just because you mentioned 'trouble with speaking' (which is bit unusual, not something I would expect from neck injury), I would suggest you to see a GP first to rule out anything more sinister, your GP may order some tests, and from there, he will refer you to appropriate professional for opinion and treatments.

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