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    Are my symptoms related to my sleep apnoea mask or my pain medication?

    I have diabetic lumbosacral radiculoplexus neuropathy. A huge name for a condition that basically to me means loads of pain with no cure. I also have sleep apnoea.

    Under my Dr's supervision I'm trying different pain combinations, currently 200 Mg Trammel and 2 Endone, twice dally. Sometimes for “break out pain” an extra 2 Endone & Lyrica at times with Targin slow acting pain killers which don't seem to act as well, thus the Trammel & Endone combination.

    My problem - I am being woken up “in pain” after having incredibly vivid dreams. I seem to wake up in some kind of euphoria, laughing. Not so funny are the heart palpitations and blocked nose?

    The pain and now these strange dreams are very worrying. Can someone help? Am I going crazy or what, are these symptoms related to the tablets or the sleep apnoea mask? Thank you
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    Dr Maree Barnes

    Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician

    Dr Barnes has competed specialty training in sleep medicine and is currently working at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. Dr Barnes’ current research focuses are: … View Profile

    Sometimes these type of narcotic analgesics can cause vivid dreams and sleep difficulties. In addition, they are all muscle relaxants, so if you are taking them prior to bedtime, you may need to check the pressure that you need from your pump. The type of sleep that we have when we dream is also associated with more relaxation of muscles as well.
    It is possible that you the pressurefrom the pump is now too low, so you are waking up with breathing pauses or snoring during the dreaming type of sleep (REM sleep), so you are aware of these vivid dreams.
    You should see your sleep physician to discuss the need for a sleep study to check that you are on the right pressure.

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    HealthShare Member

    Thanks for that, I have reciently had an update “over night sleep study session” and at the time it was just a general check up and that was all good the pressure was said to be right for my results.  The reason I'm so thankful you wrote to me was that now I recall, the reason I had the test was for an unrelated problem (dried and bleeding nose) and that was before all the new tablets. That all makes sence, I think I will have another one for all this new illness and pain medication. Thank you again ! Stephen Archer.. 

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