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    I hurt my knee while running. What could this knee pain be?

    Hi. I hurt my knee while running a week ago. I have pain a sometimes swelling below the knee on the front and surface of the leg. It is especially painful when walking up or down stairs however is less to none painful when walking on a flat.

    What could this be and should i arrange a meeting with a physio?
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  • Hubert Huynh


    I am a Sydney based Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist with a strong focus on manual therapy and functional rehabilitation. I am trained in a number … View Profile

    There are many structures in the knee that can cause pain and that produce pain. There is a condition called ‘runner’s knee', where the pain is nearly at the front of the knee, below the kneecap, where the patella tendon is.
    To make sure and to find out what is causing the pain, you may need an entire assessment of your knee and all the other joints assessed aswell, including your hips, your back, your foot and even your ribs and thorax. Most physiotherapists are trained in analyzing movement. So although you might be feeling pain in your knees when you're running, it could be related to poor control or motor control of other joints while you're running, which would send pain down into your knees.
    The best answer to that would probably be to find out what is causing the actual knee pain is to get a thorough examination of your knee and a good examination of your running as well.

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