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    What techniques do osteopaths use?

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    Spring is an osteopathic clinic and we treat people through all stages of life including children, teenagers with study strains, athletes, new mums, tradesmen, desk … View Profile

    Osteopaths use a range of techniques to treat the cause of the musculoskeletal problem. These techneques can include massage, stretching and gentle manipulation amongst others. Treatment is only ever performed after a thorough medical history and examination is done. This is to form an appropriate diagnosis that can then be treated.

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    At Brunswick West Osteopathic Clinic we set ourselves apart from other health practitioners by trying to find the cause of your problem rather than just … View Profile

    Osteopaths have a pretty large toolbox. When we graduate from university we have a lot of tools we can use to help people, whether it is helping their muscles or joints. The main techniques that I tend to use as an osteopath are a lot of soft tissue techniques, the massaging and stretching of muscles. I can also do some of the manipulation-type of work. We can crack joints and get them moving more freely. We also touch a little bit with the rehab side of things as well. We can give you a few stretches and exercises to take home so you can help to work on your problem at home.

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