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    Could I be suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

    I'm on work experience at the moment and this being my first 9-5, 5 days a week job I'm struggling. I thought the first few weeks would be the hardest but it has all gone down hill from there. I'm at the point now where I get up, drive to work, come home, go to bed, wake up next morning and do it all again.
    Weekend comes, I'm too tired to do anything. I need to eat to keep myself awake whilst driving and at work. I'm coughing heavily and feels like indigestion/reflux which makes me want to vomit. Sometimes I can't keep my eyes open so I have to sneek to the bathroom for a sleep. Even the smallest of exercise makes me soo exhausted.
    Mentally I feel drained and fatigued. Physically I feel like its so much effort to just walk, or keep my eyes open.

    I'm on medication (cymbalta) for depression and endep for sleep & a mega B multivitamin. As I'm typing this my fingers are tired, my eyes feel heavy, my breathing is heavy I just want to lay down and go to sleep.
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    My understanding is that there is no definitive diagnosis for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    I suggest that you see your GP and arrange for a a full physical check-up. For example, hypothyroidism (your thyroid gland is not doing its job properly) can lead to extreme fatigue and there are other possibilities, most of which respond well to treatment.

    All the best.

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    alison copley

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    Any doctor who wishes to understand ME /CFS  , make a diagnosis or run further tests would use the following highly acclaimed internationally accepted criteria  for ME

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