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    what causes abscence siezures?

    Last September I had a followup/comparison M.R.I. which showed up a cluster of abnormal vessels on the brain. Could it be these findings that are causing absence seizures.
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    Thank you for your question. The cluster of abnormal cells that showed on your MRI could be what is termed a Arteriovenus Malformation (AVM) or a Cavernoma. These occur at birth and can be a focus for seizures.
    Sometimes if the AVM is causing a lot of seizures the doctor may suggest that the person consults a Neurosurgeon and discuss if it can be surgically removed.
    If you would like to learn more about these just search AVM in Google and you will find a lot of information about how this occurs, the symptoms and both medication and surgical treatments.

  • janinecaruso

    HealthShare Member

    thank you very much for your prompt reply to my question,as it was very helpful,and confirms what my neurologist told me. what i didn't know or what  my doctor told me anout this can be or was caused from birth. I was delivered by forepsduring a normal vaginal birth.

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