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    Is a good workout the same as getting adjusted by a chiropractor?

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    Dr Don Williams


    Don WilIiams has worked and studied internationally in rehabilitation and sports injury management. His career started out in the late 80s with a move toward … View Profile

    No. Both have a place. A workout is good for getting the cardiovascular system working, general stretching of the joints and strengthening of the muscles. The physiological stimulation from exercise is an important part of health and most people should be aiming for 4-5 sessions of exercise per week for 45-60 minutes per session. Chiropractic care focuses on improving the function of the joints and surrounding musculature and is much more effective for targeting injuries, pain and dysfunction than a general workout.

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    Dr Ryan Hislop


    Ryan Hislop is the Clinical Director at the Mudgee Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre. As an experienced and evidence-based diagnostician, Ryan works largely by medical … View Profile

    Simple answer.. no, not at all

  • Located in Armadale and Doncaster, Dr Michael Black has an interest in childrens' health and pregnancy. He is passionate aout sharing the benefits of chiropractic … View Profile

    It is true that a good workout enhances mobility and helps maintain joint movement as the chiropractic adjustment does. It is also true that the B-endorphins and ‘feel good’ chemicals released with exercise are similarly produced by an adjustment but this is as far it goes.

    A subluxation or misaligned joint may be further strain or exacerbated by a workout and there is an element of risk in pushing an area that is not mobile enough. The chiropractic adjustment can help restore mobility to joints that do not respond to exercise and stretching.

    As Dr Hislop answered, the answer is simply no - they do not achieve the same thing,  though I can understand how you might feel looser and better after a good workout.

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