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    How do I prevent injury playing squash?

    Ive recently taken up squash after work, what would be a preventative measure not to strain myself as I am playing with a couple of advanced players?
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    Firstly do you have any history of specific injuries or are currently experiencing an injury?  As Dr Mallia noted above, some specific rom movements similar to what you require in the game is a great way to start ,though I'd recommend some form of warm up to encourage blood flow into tissues first, simple thing as a few running drills up and down the court a few times. Static stretching prior to a warm up is something I would not recommend. Remember with any movements easy your way into them. 

    Diet can also play an import at part. Sufficient hydration before exercise ca help minimize muscles soreness and risk of muscles tears. Magnesium is usefully if you get cramps as is protein after the game to give your body the required amino acids for muscle repair. 

    These are a few general ideas that will help.

    good luck

    Dr Nicholas 

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