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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    How can I lose weight if I have hyperthyroidism?

    Low thyroid, hashimotos disease (possible) on medication have nodules on thyroid
    Find it incredibly hard to lose weight not a lover of sweets
    Should I have nodules taken and if so would this assist with control of hashimotos disease and thyrroid, weight problems
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    Hello. The best person to answer your question is an Endocrinologist. 
    If you are hypothyroid or have Hashimotos disease, you will be prescribed replacement thyroxine tablets. The dose will be adjusted until your metabolism is close to normal. Weight loss should then be possible. You will find it incredibly hard to control your weight without these tablets.
    The Endocrinologist would also be able to tell you if surgical removal of the nodules will benefit you and should then refer you on to an appropriate Surgeon.

  • Dr Kevin Lee

    Endocrinologist, Nuclear Medicine Physician

    Consultant Physician in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Nuclear Medicine. I am on Twitter @dr_kevinlee. I am on Facebook I help patients with obesity, diabetes, thyroid, … View Profile

    I think the original question meant "hypothyroidism" not 'hyperthyroidism"

    As people with marked hyperthyroidism tend to lose significant amount of weight due to over-active thyroid hormone levels.

    Without adequate thyroid hormone replacement, it is not easy to lose weight.

    Thyroid nodules in established Hashimotos are not common, and for the paplable ones, ultrasound is recommended in the first instance to assess for sinister features, there can also be pseudo-nodules.

    As suggested, it is prudent to see a GP who can assess you, arrange for relevant investigations and refer you on as required.



    Dr Kevin Lee



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    Terri Cliff

    HealthShare Member

    I cut out processed foods and dairy. Just clean eating. Meat, veg, fruit, rice, egg, water, oats from the health food shop and nutrients. I lost 7 kg in 9 weeks without trying. It has since plateued but also my symptoms have pretty much gone! I am 3.5 kg away from being 30 kgs lighter than I was 3 years ago and that included having a baby in-between. Just keep an eye on your thyroid function as it can change rapidly if you go cold turkey. No more headaches, more energy, no more painful ovaries, new hair growing, weight easier to manage, less cravings. Best decision I have ever made. Sounds boring but there are so many ways to enjoy food without the preservatives and feeling well is most important. I can keep up with my kids and my body will no longer be biting the dust by the time I'm 40. I have had this condition since I was at least 5 yo and it only got picked up at 24. Partying - drinking and bad food, unknowingly, did a lot of damage to my thyroid. It eases your anxiety/depression and you feel more balanced. These foods play a big role to inflaming these health conditions we have got. If you want quality, sacrifice has to be made. Certainly not easy but definitely worth it! Good luck!!

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