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    How do I manage my chronic pain to lose weight?

    I am 37 and obese. I am trying hard to lose weight but I have very bad back ache (no doubt from my excess weight). Sometimes I can’t even walk properly. Can I start to lose weight through diet alone so that I can alleviate my pain?
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    My name is Pamela Holdsworth and I have been a DIETITIAN in private practice since 1990 while also teaching at Southbank TAFE for 14 years. … View Profile

    Exercise will definitely help to increase your metabolism and therefore your ability to lose weight.  Many with chronic back pain have found that they can still exercise by doing water aerobics and gentle tai chi.  Start SLOWLY and build up gradually to prevent aggravating your back further.  Pilates is another suggestion to help strengthen core muscles that help to support your back.
    Do make sure that your instructer is fully qualified and experienced in your back pain condition.

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    Having gathered 28 years of private practice experience , Genevieve wants to assist people with practical changes to their food and lifestyle issues in order … View Profile

    I always say, it is easier to eat 2,000 kilojoules less than it is to burn up 2,000 kilojoules. So, if you reduce your dietary intake you can still lose weight. There is a provision that you shouldn't eat less than 4,300 kilojoules per day.

    I would also suggest that you seek the advice of an exercise physiologist. In terms of getting resistance training exercises that you can do even while sitting so that you can burn up extra kilojoules, extra energy in the day without injuring your back.

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