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    Could my 2 year old have a problem?

    Since birth till 2 years 1 month old he had NEVER slept through the night, waking at least 4 times a night, he is now having more severe problems with behaviour and sleep, i have to lay with him when trying to get him to sleep and he WONT STOP moving, he will stop for no more than 5 seconds but you can see he is tired as his eyes roll back and are drowsie, i can lay there for up to an hour trying but still wont sleep, so we will get up and he just screams or misbehaves, he hits bites pinches and will throw things at me or his siblings or just throw things around 70% of the day is filled with this.
    of a night when he is asleep he is also moving a lot(sleeps in room with my 16 yr old and he tells me) and he gets up out of bed in the middle of the night and walks into my room and climbs into bed with us, and we get kicked in the face head butted you name it while he is sleeping. PLEASE HELP ME i dont know what to do and im at my whits ends with his behaviour
    thank you
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  • Brigitte Safrana

    Counsellor, Hypnotherapist

    I created Surfing The Blues and Surfing The Baby Blues Counselling & Hypnotherapy services in order to help individuals and couples restore balance in their … View Profile

    It seems that you are indeed in a very difficult situation and so is your little boy. It may be time for you to consult a specialist in children behaviour. A good pediatrician could possibly help and least refer you to the right specialist as some test may be needed.  Alternative medicine may also be able to help particularly in term of his diet.  I know some mothers have seen amazing changes in their childrens behaviour through changing their diet. Another alternative to be considered is children massage. Contact IMIS in Sydney and they'll let you know where and when they have classes. One thing is certain to me, you need professional help for his wellbeing as well as yours. 
    My thoughts are with you. 

  • I have been a paediatric registered nurse for over twenty years. I am trained asthma educator, early childhood nurse and currently work in the area … View Profile

    My thoughts are also with you, it is very frustrating when children don't sleep. Consulting a paediatrician or your local GP maybe of help. The other place taht will help with expert for advice  is your early childhood centre or Tresillian or Karitane. These three services specialise  in assisting families with children and sleep. Tresilian and karitane offer a residential service where you go with your child for a period of time so you can learn the skills involved in teaching your child to sleep. Sleeping through  the night is a learnt skill by babies, toddles and families, there are many different ways you can teach your child to sleep, and the above organisations can assist you. It is not as easy as changing their diets or giving them a magic pill, it takes consistency and routine and children will learn how to sleep. I hope this is of help to you and I understand your frustration. 

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