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    I think I suffer from a sleep disorder, what do I do?

    I think I suffer from sleep disorders like, parasomnias. I have in the past had a case of sleep paralysis. I will on occasion get sudden onset of weakness, not complete loss of muscle control. I have extremely vivid dreams nearly every night, sometimes i get weird hallucinations as i fall asleep and as im waking up which is really scary, confusing or just plain exhausting. I am always tired during the day regardless of how much sleep i get. I also kick, punch, and other actions while im asleep, and i will also every couple of months sleep walk. Sometimes I have been sleep walking, known that im awake but not be able to control what i am doing.

    I have been to a sleep study which focused around sleep apnea and they said that i had 95% sleep quality. Even though I was exhausted the next day. I am in Perth, Western Australia and I wanted to find out who i could go to for this specific problem, or what I should do about it?
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  • Joe Gubbay

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    Hi, the weird hallucinations etc sound like hypnagogic episodes

     know from personal experience that these can be terrifying!  

    I would suggest speaking to your doctor, and if your GP is satisfied that enough medical investigations have beenk conducted, ask for a referral to a psychologist.  You can find someone in Perth by going to the APS “Find a psychologist” service.

    I hope that helps.

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    It sounds like you have a sleep disorder, and sleep apnea has been ruled out as the cause. There are other sleep disorders that can cause the symptoms you describe. You should discuss your symptoms further with your general practitioner (GP) who will be able to refer you on to a sleep specialist who has expertise in management of sleep problems other than sleep apnea.

    For more information on sleep disorders click here and here.

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