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    What features should a good ergonomic office chair possess?

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  • Dr. Aaron Albrecht works at Body Wise Chiropractic in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. The clinic is located within a gym, and Dr. Albrecht is the … View Profile

    In order to get the best office chair for you, you need to consider a few things. Firstly, a chair with wheels or a swivel is a good idea as it will reduce the amount you need to twist your body to look/reach around your work station. Secondly, a curve in the lower section of the back rest to suppor the lumbar spine is important, this is especially useful if it is adjustable (this caters for different body sizes). Third, the back rest should reach high enough to support your entire back right up to your shoulders. Fourth, check that the height of the chair is adjustable, you should adjust it to a height where you can sit so that your knees and hips are both bent at a 90 degree angle. Finally, arm rests are a good idea.

    In addition to these things, you should set up other factors in your office to accomodate for your posture. Your desk should be at a height just above your elbows when you are sitting in the abovementioned position; and the top of your computer monitor should be approximately in line with your eyes, so you only look slightly downward to see both screen and keyboard.

    I hope this helps.

    - Dr. A

  • Bogdan Ilijasevic, Bobby, is a Chiropractor practising in Sydney's CBD. He has developed a keen interest in dealing with a wide array of conditions ranging … View Profile

    I agree with Dr. Albrecht but would also add that along with a sound ergonomic set-up, getting out of that chair at regular intervals (I recommend every 45min) is equally, if not more important. 

    Our spines crave and are designed for movement , make sure you take regular breaks from your chair.

    Warms regards,
    Bogdan Ilijasevic

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