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    Is African Mango Extract safe for a Hep C sufferer?

    I have Hep C and was wondering whether or not african mango extract is detrimental to my liver function. I am overweight and am having a hard time losing it.
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    We are the peak community-based hepatitis organisation in the Australian state of New South Wales. We take a partnership approach with people primarily affected by … View Profile

    It's good that you're taking care to control your weight. Suggest you go to a website called PubMed and do a search for the extract. This brings up about 5 search results. Another option is to go to the Therapeutic Goods Administration website and check if there have been any reported adverse events with the extract. Finally, and this is an important one, seek advice from a liver specialist and a dietitian. This last suggestion would be a good opportunity to discuss your overall bodyweight reduction strategy. Paul, Hepatitis NSW

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    I agree with what the contributor from Hepatitis NSW wrote.

    As Paul pointed out, there are only five relevant papers in PubMed (which is the standard source for evidence-based medical reports) - none of them show the slightest hint that african mango extract is of any benefit,

    This link is a good summary of how unconvincing the evidence for african mango extract is as a way of losing weight:

    As Paul has suggested, talking with an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) is a good plan.

    APDs are evidence-based health professionals who can offer their clients advice about losing weight in a healthy way. You can find an APD here:

    All the best.

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