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    Is it safe to eat runny yokes?

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    I like my eggs soft boiled or sunny side and still runny. Is this safe or should it be cooked all the way?
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    Hanan Saleh specialises in infant & child nutrition. With additional qualifications from the Royal Hospital for Children in Melbourne Victoria. Hanan can help you with … View Profile

    Raw foods in general carry an increased risk of salmonella and other food borne infections compared to cooked foods. Raw egg is especially a good culture medium for these bacteria because it's full of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is sterile, though, on the inside. Once you crack the outside, the eggshell isn't sterile; it's usually covered in dirt from the barnyard or from storage and transport. In general, cooking eggs fully all the way through, until they're nice and hot, kills all the bacteria present. It’s quite important to do this especially when you're serving eggs to pregnant women, young children or the elderly.

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    Sarah George graduated from Deakin University with a Master of Dietetics. In the following years she has completed further training in paediatric nutrition at the … View Profile

    It is safe to eat runny eggs in most cases, however I’d think twice about it if you are pregnant.  A bacteria called lysteria can be harmful to unborn babies, so if you are pregnant it’s best to make sure your eggs are fully cooked through to kill off any bacteria.

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