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    When will I be normal again after a brain aneurysm?

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    A week ago I had an Brain aneurysm repaired on the right side of my brain.

    Its not only that the headaches are there but i get mixed up with things, i get panic attacks when im outside.

    And there are times when i cant even spell or coordinate. I'm not a cry baby, i lose control and feel lost, people give me a look as if i'm nuts.

    I feel scared
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    Dr. Aaron Albrecht works at Body Wise Chiropractic in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. The clinic is located within a gym, and Dr. Albrecht is the … View Profile

    Being in this situation can be worrying and confusing, I really feel for you. Following the reduction of an aneurysm within the cranium or brain tissue, the recovery period will depend on the area of the brain affected and the extent of the damage caused either at the onset of the aneurysm or during the procedure (this is a very delicate structure, there are generally going to be some side effects of surgical intervention intracranially).

    In order to get a more specific idea of your condition, I would advise that you consult a neurologist or functional neurologist who will consider all the details of your case including the timing, the specific defecits you experience and the region of the brain affected.

    I'm sure with a more detailed examination of your condition, and a look at your imaging, one of these professionals will be able to more accurately outline the likely progression of your case from here.

    Hope this was of at least a little help.

    Dr. A

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    Dr. Melinda Ricci has a passion for optimizing health and preventing injury. Success Chiropractic has a Pediatric treatment facility, remedial massage, yoga and pilates classes … View Profile

    I agree with Dr. A, your neurologist will be able to give you some indication of the capacity of the affected brain tissue to heal. But this will take time, so it is important to understand that the symptoms of confusion, anxiety and disorientation are common complications of intracranial bleeds. Give it time and remain positive.

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    Sorry about my replys format…I think cut  and paste has come down with a bad case of cognative a'h T-issue too…Yikes ! …

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