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    What are useful coping strategies for restless leg syndrome?

    I've been suffering from restless leg syndrome for a while now. Its starting to impact my day to day life and driving me crazy! What are some coping strategies i could adopt for example when i am at work at a desk 9-5.
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    Restless legs symptoms are generally a feeling of the need to move the limbs together with abnormal sensations. For some people these symptoms occur occasionally, and in these cases, simple measures such as getting up and walking around can be enough to settle symptoms. In more severe cases, where symptoms occur daily and interfere with sleep, medications may be needed together with additional measures such as reducing caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Other non-drug strategies that people can find helpful are rubbing or massaging the limbs and making the feet hot or cold such as in a bath, or pacing on a cold floor. For more information on restless legs syndrome

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