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    How do I incorporate exercise into my busy life?

    I used to be a runner and enjoy waking up early to run. However lately I have been overwhelmed with work- wake up early and get home very late. How do I incorporate exercise in my life? Is it enough to go on a walk during lunch?
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  • Nicholas Karam

    Exercise Physiologist

    Specialist treatment for injury rehabilitation, management of diabetes, weight management, corporate health View Profile

    This is a very common question.

    It will certainly be ‘better’ to go for a walk as opposed to not doing so. The question of this being enough though isn't as simple.

    This will depend of the intensity, duration and frequency of the walk. Additionally, you will need to consider your nutritional habits as well as your likely compliance to this sole activitiy.

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  • John Toomey

    Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer

    I'm a down to earth practising (and fully accredited) Exercise Physiologist based in Esperance, WA. I have been a practising EP since 2004. I've been … View Profile

    Prioritise your one body over your work - even if only one day a working week. Use your plethora of calendars, e-devices, booking systems, meeting management systems and actually SCHEDULE time for exercise. Treat it as you would an essential work meeting - you have an appointment for a run around the block that takes up 45mins including getting changed etc. Attend on time or deal with the guilt of neglecting your heatlh!

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