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    Advice on managing pain from complex regional pain syndrome?

    The pain I experience in my leg is intolerable and I cannot even bare to touch it. What medications are recommended? Anything else that may help temporarily relieve some of this pain?
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    Anjelo Ratnachandra


    As a physiotherapist who specialises in chronic pain management, with CRPS, you need to learn to desensitise the symptoms. It is very common to report that it is very painful to touch, however, the more you avoid this, the more sensitive your leg will become, and the worse your symptoms will get. The important thing is to gradually introduce touch and movement to your leg. Start with a manageable amount, even if it means a few seconds to start with, and then every week, increase this amount in a gradual way that you are comfortable with (eg you may touch your leg for 10seconds to start with and each week you may increase by 5seconds). CRPS is due to the nerves being more sensitive than normal - you need to desensitise the nerves and this is done through touch, movement and the use of things like heat/ice. This is a long term condition so there is no quick fix, however, you can manage it well by slowly pacing yourself and making a start on things you enjoy. it wont be easy but it is certainly possible.

    This is link of a client who had chronic regional pain syndrome of her ankle. the treatment consisted of self-management strategies such as pacing, and desensitisation and getting back to things she enjoyed.

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