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    Can diet manage crohns' disease and ulcerative colitis?

    My daughter has been diagnosed with crohn's disease and I was wondering if there is a way to manage the condition through diet without the use of medication. Is this possible?
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    Unfortunately, it is unlikely that diet will control the symptoms of Crohn's disease completely.  Sometimes people with Crohn's disease find that certain foods can make the symptoms worse, and sometimes certain foods can provide symptom-relief but it is very individual and has to be found through a process of elimination and reintroduction.  

    Foods which could potentially help reduce inflammation in the bowel are those that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as oily fish, and foods that are high in antioxidant vitamins such as fresh fruits and vegetables.  Try to include oily fish two or three times each week and fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

    For more specific advice or your daughter, consult a dietitian with experience in gastroenterological problems.  The dietitian will assess her current diet and make recommendations based on this and her individual history.

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