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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    How do I get rid of recurrent gastro problems?

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    I have been tested for the halio-bactor bacteria and do not have it.
    I drink plenty of water and maybe 1/2 cups of Soy coffee a day (prior to 3pm).
    I have eliminated both Gluten and Lactose from my diet which has reduced the issues.
    This has been happening intermittently for about 7 years now, for months at a time.

    I still swing from excreting complete liquid and being completely blocked up, mostly liquid and this last for over a week at a time (for the last 4/5 months).
    I also get nauseated and sometimes vomit up undigested food (identifiable even after 14hours after initial digestion if food).
    I get stomach migraines/spasms that hit, make me hot, make me vomit, and then muscles remain spazmed for a week/over a week sometimes.
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    Lyn Christian


    As a Naturopath and Nutritionist I am passionate about the promotion of health using functional foods to correct nutrient imbalances.All health conditions need to be … View Profile

    The causes of your gastrointestinal issues may be multi-faceted.  Whilst you’ve taken steps to eliminate gluten and lactose from your diet, there may be many other foods which are aggravating your gut mucosa. Were you tested for Coeliac disease? It would be prudent to have a Food Intolerance test done followed by an elimination diet. Foods from the Nightshade family often cause gastrointestinal problems (potato, eggplant, cayenne pepper, chilli, paprika, sesame, tahini, tomato, peppers).Another possibility is that you have fructose malabsorption- difficulty digesting and absorbing the sugars in foods.
    The vomiting/nausea may indicate a decrease in your digestive enzyme activity. Even though you do not have H.Pylori, you may have SIBO-small intestinal bacterial overgrowth which greatly affects gastrointestinal health. In order to seek out the real causes, arrange a consultation with a Nutritionist who will look at your detailed food diary plus general health, medications, stress and so forth.

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    Elizabeth Newsham-West is committed to optimising the health and well-being of people across all ages within the Mount Tamborine community.  She works as a domicillary … View Profile

    I would encourage you to see a Gastroenerologist.
    There are a number of blood tests that are required and a endoscopy/colonoscopy required first to see if there is any underlying pathology  causing your altered bowel function before you make any dietary changes. Before some of these tests it is important to return gluten back into your diet for these to be meaningful. A Dieitian can advise you how to eat before these tests.
    Once these test have been completed with the results,  only then can  specific dietary advice be given which may help you achieve a better bowel function.

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    Amanda Clark

    Dietitian, Nutritionist

    Amanda Clark (Adv APD) is a senior dietitian at Great Ideas in Nutrition on the Gold Coast. She is the creator of Portion Perfection, a … View Profile

    The vomiting of undigested food so many hours after consuming it is of concern and requires medical investigation. You may have a blockage or muscular stricture which is at the root of all your symptoms and it may not relate to types of food at all. You mention that you do not have H Pylori, which indicates you have had some medical investigations. Back to your general practitioner for referral to a gastroenterologist would be the first port of call. The gastroenterologist can then refer you to an experienced dietitian in your area to deal with the findings. If you have seen a gastro before and been given the all clear it is still appropriate to front up again to indicate the problem has not settled.

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