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    19years old. Missing 14,15,24,34,47 partially erupted 25. What can I do?

    I have a lot of spacing in my upper teeth due to missing teeth I have very low conferdence also because of this. What can we done?
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    This is a very difficult question to address without first seeing you in person.

    The first thing to do is to determine why at 19 years of age you are missing so many teeth. If you have losts these teeth from dental disease then the first thing you must do is to prevent further loss of  teeth to the diseases ie, dental decay or gum disease. You need to see a dentist to have the dental disease treated first. Restore the health of your mouth to a healthy state before addressing your concern about the missing teeth.

    However, if the missing teeth are due to the teeth never having developed then the issue is a congenital one. Assuming your oral health is good, the other teeth are in a good position and the teeth are meeting each other in a good bite, then the options to replace the missing teeth are as follows:

    1) Fixed option: Dental implants (depending on your age and gender, the use of dental implants may not be a great idea at your age-speak to your dentist about this).

    2) Removable option: Partial dentures.

    3) Orthodontics may also be useful if your front teeth are crowding together from lack of space. With the missing premolars (14,15,24,34) the orthodontist can move your front teeth back into these spaces. I suspect there is some issue with lack of jaw space given you mentioned the partially erupted 25. Normally at your age this tooth should be fully erupted. But this is only feasible if your facial profile will allow for this management without compromising the appearance. Dental implants in conjuntion with orthodontics may be necessary to achieve a good long term outcome.

    You really need to speak to a dentist to explore these possibilities carefully.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you! The missing teeth are due to never been developed. I have since started orthodontic treatment and in the future will look into implants.

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    Hi. If you are embarking on a course of orthodontic treatment without looking into the implants first, your teeth may be moved into a position that is not ideal for the implants later. It may be that with the movement, you no longer need the implants, or it may be that placing the implants during treatment could proved anchorage to move the other teeth.

    Basically, you should have a clear goal you are moving towards as it is difficult to change the plan later. Talk to your orthodontist or dentist about your future plans. If they think implants are a good idea, they can arrange consultation about implants sooner rather than later.

    Best of luck and I hope the treatment helps.

    Dr Frank Farrelly

    Darlinghurst Dental

    30 Burton St, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010

    (02) 9331 1766

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