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    Why have I lost my sense of smell and taste?

    around 2 months ago, I lost 90% of my taste and roughly 20% of my smell out of no where. I wasn't on any medication and I had no cold/flu.

    To this day my condition is the same. I went to see my GP and he basically said that there isn't much that can be done and put me on a course of antibiotics (Zinnat Cefuroxime 250mg).

    I'm four days into my course of antibiotics and I haven't noticed any difference. I am desperate to find the solution to this problem that I am facing, as its reducing my quality of life and is starting to become quiet depressing.
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    This is the most common side effect of some medications. Speak to your doctor about this. Gum disease can also cause this or coverage of your gums with dentures can also cause a physical block on sensors so an assessment from you dentist would be appropriate.

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