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    Upper wisdom teeth extraction - is this nerve damage?

    About 6 months back I had both teeth extracted on separate occasions. A few weeks or so after the last extraction I felt my left cheek to be swollen a bit and was getting intermittent numbness, tingling and general dull ache on the fact. This past week I have had it continue for 6 days. One dr thinks it could be Atypical Migraine - caused by nerves being irritated by the extractions. I am not sure about the Migraine dx though because 2 migraine tablets didn't get rid of it. Right now I have numbness, and a bit of stiffness on the lower half of my face. Lips feel dry at times and the numb and tingly feelings are across my chin, lips nose tip and across my cheeks a general tired ache. I also think I have very mild taste alteration. No numbness on tongue and no pain anywhere. Please tell me what is going on because I am getting desperate for some answer from somewhere! Who can help fix this?
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    I am sorry to hear of your predicament.

    I am not really clear from your description if you have had top and bottom wisdom teeth removed or was it just the top wisdom teeth. The symptoms you describe are rather atypical for top wisdom teeth removal.

    My best suggestion is to see the practitioner  who removed the teeth for some guidance. The best specialist to see would be an Oro-Maxillofacial surgeon. These are specialist who deal with wisdom teeth removal on a daily basis. They have a great deal of experience dealing with such complications.

    I hope you find some resolution to your problem soon. All the very best.

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