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    Is it okay to have teeth cleaned when you have a head cold?

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    ProCare Family Dental is a general dental practice. We treat all patients, from the very young to the elderly. We also see patients with disabilities … View Profile

    Having your teeth cleaned when you have a head cold is not a problem. The only consideration is your comfort. If you cannot breathe through your nose then having water in your mouth can be quite uncomfortable. Otherwise you should be fine.

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    Welcome to Just Dental Care. “We do CARE”. We provide quality care and affordable dentistry to you and your family. We provide a comprehensive range … View Profile

    At Just Dental Care we don't mind seeing you if you have a head cold. What you need to consider is if you are sneezing regularly or are a mouth breather, you may find it hard to keep your mouth open or to breath when water is in your mouth. If you can postpone your appointment you will have a more enjoyable experience.

    If you are unsure, please contact us. 07 38633604

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    Jaffar Dental - Trusted and Established since 1997. We are a family owned General Dental Practice offering a friendly and caring environment in Waterford QLD. … View Profile

    Yes, as long as you can breathe adequtely with water being sprayed around the back of your mouth.

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    Principal dentist of Newington Dental Care. Previous teaching staff for the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Sydney. Special interest in dental anxiety management and orthodontics. … View Profile

    I think it is important to notify your dentist if you have flu like symptoms which can sometimes feel like a mild head cold. Infection control guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) aims to reduces the transmission of airborne infectious pathogens (viruses in particular) in a medical setting.

    The above article recommends rescheduling patients with suspected confirmed illness (in this article for influenza “Flu” virus) a minimum of 7 days (possibly longer for younger children) after the resolution of symptoms (a fever or temperature rise).

    I agree with all the other dentists here that your comfort during the dental procedure is important, but also with the upcoming flu season to prevent the transmission of the Influenza virus to those particularly at risk i.e. elderly and pregnant patients/staff, it's better to reschedule if you feel that you have a high temperature and generally unwell.

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    If you have a head cold you may find it unpleasant to have a cleaning if you are unable to breath through your nose. Additionally the vibrations of the ultrasonic cleaner may be more irratating to your upper teeth. The spray from the ultrasonic cleaner can spread your  infection to the dentist and nurse who are attending to you if the spray leaks around their face masks. In all fairness you should tell the dental staff before your appointment that you have a head cold and ask if they want to reschedule the cleaning appointment until you are well.

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