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    Who do I see for a vocal assessment?

    I am a singer concerned about my vocal health/hygiene. I experience recurrent sore throat, hoarseness following singing, inability to access my full range and general fatigue. I am not sure which type of medical professional I should be contacting about this for advice/assessment - speech pathologist, ENT or other? My GP seems equally confused. Any guidance/recommendations are greatly appreciated (I am based in Sydney). Many thanks.
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    Nikki Martin

    Speech Pathologist

    I have over 13 years experience in adult Speech Pathology and specialise in voice and swallowing problems/cancers of the face and throat. I work very … View Profile

    It would be best to contact a Speech Pathologist who specialises in voice/performers. If they think it's necessary, they can arrange a Voice Clinic (ENT and Speech Pathologist) or an ENT appointment for you. I'm also based in Sydney. You're welcome to contact me.

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    Sharon Moore

    Speech Pathologist

    I am a Speech Pathologist with 30 years clinical experience, working over the years with a wide range of clients with communication and swallowing disorders. … View Profile

    Yes you definitely need to see a Speech Pathologist who has expereiece and skills with voice/singing. There can be many things that  lead to the symptpoms that you describe, so a thorough assessment is required. It may be important to rest your voice from singing or at minimum, cut back on your singing load. In addition, it would be helpful to know if there are any changes in your speaking voice. 

    These types of issues, frequently need to be assessed by an ENT, so I'd encourage you to get the ball rolling with an ENT assessment, also someone who sees singers would be most helpful for you. You have Private and Public options for this in Sydney.  Good luck

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