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    Could neuropathic pain be experienced as chronic itching?

    I am asking on behalf of a 22 year old male friend who has experienced chronic itching all over their body for over five years. About 2 years ago they were checked for any dermatological cause or allergy with no result. They were also checked for cancer which was not there. The doctors from there gave up and said hopefully it would go away in a few years. They are constantly itchy, but describes it as having an "electrical" or "shock" or "tingling/ zapping" like quality, which resonated with them when they saw a nerve pain awareness advertisement on TV. Sometimes if they are itchy, for instance on their foot, if they scratch their arm it will stop. It is a constant sensation though, and is debilitating when they try to sleep, or concentrate during the day. Could it possibly be neuropathic itching? If so, is there any treatment for such a condition? Where could he go for treatment? The condition is dramatically impacting his quality of life.
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  • Helen Potter


    As a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, with extensive experience and highly advanced qualifications, as well as excellent communication skills, I can help you to: Become informed … View Profile

    Yes, itching can be a neuropathic symptom - there are references to it in pain journals. Antihistamines won't work. It is better to see  a pain specialist to enquire about medication and management. A physiotherapist with extrra training in persistent pain can explain the mechanisms and ensure you have the most appropriate information and advice. Helen Potter Specialist Physiotherapist FACP

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