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    Do approximately constant blood pressure readings indicate well-controlled blood pressure?

    I have hypertension, which was picked up out of a routine checkup. I am on two types of medication an Ace Inhibitor 10mg and Natrilex 1.25mg . My blood pressure seems to remain quite constant, readings 130/70. it does fluctuate a little sometimes on 140/90 when I had a brisk walk or am nervous. Does it mean my blood pressure is well controlled if readings don't fluctuate much?
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    Angela McGinnis

    Diabetes Educator, Registered Nurse

    I am a Nurse Practitioner with special interests and experience in diabetes, cardiovascular, heart failure, wounds and vascular. I can prescribe and order diagnostics. I ... View Profile

    Sounds pretty good! Normal BP fluctuates all the time, minute to minute. Try to keep up the walking and relaxation is good too. You are on the right medications and have your BP checked every 6 months. a 24 hour ambulatory BP monitor is the gold standard for diagnosis of hypertension.  A cardiovascular risk assessment is wise also, see this link -

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