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    What exercises can I do to manage low back pain?

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    I have disc problems in lower back and alignment problems in hips. What exercises can I do for low back pain?
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    Clare Singleton


    It is important to have a functional assessment in order to determine your functional level as well as which movements ease and which movements aggravate your pain.  Generally back arching exercises are good for disc bulges, however they are not good for disc degeneration. 

  • Joel Laing


    I am a McKenzie Method specialised physiotherapist, with a Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy. Using the McKenzie Method I predominantly treat low back and … View Profile

    You must have an initial assessment. Back pain is a symptom not a diagnosis.

    I am a McKenzie Method or MDT practitioner and I mostly see patients with low back pain and disc problems. The vast majority of patients respond to extension exercsies that have disc problems, regardless of the imaging findings. Many require lateral movements in addiiton to extension. Some only respond to extension in the lying position, where others respond to extension in lying or standing. 

    Every patient is different however and you owe it to yourself to get a thorough intial assessment.

    If you would like to know more about the McKenzie Method approach which involves minimal visits to the clinic and teaches self-management it would be best to consult the international website and locate a therapist close to you.


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