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    Does anyone know sources of statistics concerning glioblastoma?

    I am seeking data concerning not just survival, but also recurrence and the occurrence of post treatment debilitating symptoms, especially seizures.
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    Thankyou for your enquiry. I'm sorry that you have to ask this question.

    Firstly glioblastoma are different for each person. They can differ in including the type, location, size, and grade of the tumour, so this, along with the age and existing health of the person all influence treatment, post treatment symptoms and prognosis.

    Seizures can start from any part of the brain, but the temporal lobes are more susceptible to seizures, so if the tumour is in this region, there is most likely a higher possibility of seizures. Unfortunately it cannot be predicted.

    I have included two links here that are most informative and readable. Sadly, none of it is good news.

    I have also added this link. Dr Chris O’Brien suffered from glioblastoma and this organisation has been set up in memorandum. They may be of some help if you are in the Sydney region.

    I wish you all the best with your decisions and treatment.

    Kind Regards

    Jane Burford
    Research & Development Specialist, RN, Epilepsy Action Australia

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