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    How can I lose weigh without weight bearing exercise?

    I have suspected Stiff Person Syndrome and Isaac's Syndrome,
    The medication I take has meant that my weight has ballooned to almost 90 kilos and am 183cms in height. I have just spent 17 days in hospital…
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    Rosie McIntyre


    Is there a part of your life or business that isn't where you want it to be?Do you want to accelerate towards your goals?Do you … View Profile

    Hi David
    Great question.  Getting in a pool is a great form of non weight bearing exercise.  Some specialist centres have underwater treadmills and have fast lane pools that have a current to provide more resistance.

    Exercise is one of the keys to losing weight.  There are however 3 key realtionships you need to successfully lose weight. 

    1. Your relationship with food. 
    2. Your relationship with exercise.
    3. Your relationship with yourself.

    There are some ways to fast track getting yourself in the right mind set to do all of these too.

    Hope this helps
    Kind Regards
    Rosie McIntyre

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    Kylie Royal

    Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer

    Director, Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer. Kylie’s determination and passion in striving for ultimate health & success is what has led her to a successful … View Profile

    Hi David, 
    There have been some great positive results combining exercise and good nutritional practices and benefiting stiff person syndrome. Physically exercise such as swimming, hydrotherapy or deep water running; stationary cycling, rowing, yoga or Pilates will all help you physically as well as assisting with calorie burning. 
    Nutrition however is always the most important for weight loss, 70-80% of your success with this can typically be attributed to what you eat.
    i would suggest seeing a nutritionist or exercise physiologist who can assist with appropriate eating suggestions not only to help you decrease body fat, but also to help support and strengthen your body as it recovers from SPS.
    Kind regards, Kylie

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