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    What can a hypnotherapist do for weight loss?

    I am wondering if hypnotherapy can help with my binge eating and being obese.
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    Julie Rice


    Hi - I'm Julie Rice, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Coach. Since 2005 I have been helping people to stop smoking, lose weight, get ... View Profile

    Hypnotherapy is a powerful weight loss tool that will make the journey the reward, it will not only change the way you think but most importantly the way you feel.

    Until we change our limiting beliefs we will never be able to lose the weight or stop unwanted behaviours such as binge eating.

    Hypnotherapy is a psychotherapy that uses the hypnotic state to access the subconscious mind. By dealing with the beliefs that have kept us in states of stuckness, overwhelm, in lack of self worth or feelings of not being good enough, we are able to create new and empowering beliefs that allow us to create new strategies and patterns of behaviour.

    These ultimately lead us to be able to subconsciously make the right choices on a daily level as part of the bigger plan for our whole lives.

    Julie Rice

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    Tim Thornton


    Hello, my name is Tim Thornton. I am a registered clinical hypnotherapist in the Sydney CBD area, providing hypnotherapy services since 2006. I specialise in ... View Profile

    The short answer is "Yes".
    Our habits, learnings & patterns are like the programs of a computer, stored in the subconscious functions of our mind, both the positives & the negatives.
    When a person has a negative pattern, what ever it may be, in this example binge eating, it's all about the mind set, not their body.
    Over the years I've helped several clients who'd had the real gastric band procedure to help them with obesity.
    But they'd quickly learned to sabotage this, they could no longer eat large amounts of bulky food, but they could eat plenty of ice-cream, chocolate & dessert. Basically, any thing sugary that could melt & satisfy their cravings that come from their mind.
    Hypnosis for weight loss allows change to the sub conscious eating patterns. It is much easier to lose weight harnessing the subconscious than trying to use willpower. In the hypnotic state old patterns can be changed quickly, hypnosis is used to integrate the subconscious mind into the process of change in eating habits and lifestyle.
    Being satisfied with smaller amounts of food & eating nutritiously rich food becomes the new norm. The sub conscious mind again is programmed to serve, right or wrong, it doesn't judge, but this time it's positive.
    It's the nature of the subconscious mind to be successful and it delivers success as a habit. It's often described as 'hacking the mind' to achieve our goals.

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