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    How can I overcome a mental study block?

    I finished High school and entered university but throughout that year and the year before I was quite heavily depressed. Because of this my grades were poor, last year I really put my boot down and concentrated on my 2nd year of uni.

    I rented a house with some high school friends to which I was unaware had started drug dealing, and having things like cops passing by or having complete strangers consistently in my house doing shady stuff. Because of this I had a real hard time studying and life was generally tough, I couldn't move out cause my parents lived in another city, despite this I powered through it and was on course for some good grades. Unfortunately a month before my final exams the room-mate robbed a store, I was a suspect in a crime for two and half weeks whilst the cops confirmed my alibi, I ended up completely flunking my exams.

    I'm now moving in with some really nice people and my attitude is the same as last year , but whenever I sit down to study my mind freezes.
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    I am glad that you have found a good new place to move into.

    It must have been incredibly stressful to prepare for exams while you were wrongfully a crime suspect. I suggest that you talk with the Course Coordinator (= the person with overall responsibilty for your degree program) about this.

    It seems to me that you have a very strong case for what (at the Uni that I have been associated with) is called “Special Consideration” - ie, an opportunity to do the exams again now that your alibi has been confirmed.

    All the best.

  • Renata Wosik


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    Hi there,
    It certainly sounds like you had been under significant stress, and agree that you could try to seek special consideration from your uni. Getting motivation whilst battling with depression can be tricky… If you find yourself getting stuck, it may be helpful seeing your GP who could refer you to a psychologist to help you address this very issue. I wish you all the very best in your journey!

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